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Oct 31, 2005 at 04:39 PM

Secure Variables


Hi All,

I noticed an issue with 'Secure variables' in our queries. We have a char. called 'Seller' in our queries.

A secure variable 'ZSLLR' was created on this char. in one of the queries created against a cube.

Then a query was created on an Info object 'Customer' of which 'Seller' was an attribute. When i tried to secure 'Seller', i couldn't find 'ZSLLR' in the list of variables. I had to create a new secure variable 'ZSLLR1' for the 'Seller' characteristic.

We then created a query on an Infoset which had 'Customer' info object as one of its components. When i tried to secure 'Seller', i coudln't see 'ZSLLR' and 'ZSLLR1'. So, i had to create another secure variable 'ZSLLR2' on the same 'Seller' char.

The issue is we have been securing 'Distribution Channel' in each of these queries. I can see the same secure variable on Distr. Channel on each of these queries. But for some reason, i don't see all of the secure variables created on the 'Seller'.


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