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Feb 03, 2014 at 02:28 PM

Backward update of S031



I need to "refresh" S031 info-structure for the past due to a recent change of T156-KZVBU parameter set up via TCode OMJJ.
Is is at all possible?

I did have an issue with consumption update for 653 GD returns to unrestricted.
Accepting customer brand new marchandise returns to unrestricted (in addition, of course, to selling the very same marchandise :)...) makes part of our regular business.
To do so we simply use return delivery with no reference to sales order as the customer is free to return the goods to the consumption point ( a kind of "consignment" inventory) equiped with barcode portable devices making part of our SAP system.
Thus the standard SAP setting "No consumption update" for 653 movement is not acceptable for us as it is not reducing trading goods "net" sales turnover.
So I have made the necessary change in our live system.
However I need now to "straigthen up" our LIS for Inventory Management.
Looking up some discussions over Internet on T156-KZVBU makes me confused about the possibility to update for past periods my "too much optimistic" sales consumption.
Can you help me with making a clear statement about such update?