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Feb 03, 2014 at 12:02 PM

APD Error


Hi All,

I am trying to extract data out of a inventory cubes/Multiproviders using APD. And when I execute the APD, it gives an error message - "Filter for time reference char. '0CALDAY' in node 'DS_INFOPROV1' is not there or invalid"...

In the detailed explanation of the error I see - "A non-cumulative key figure was selected in an InfoProvider data source. The downstream filter required in this case for the reference characteristic of time aggregation (0CALDAY) is missing or contains errors. Either one interval or a list of single values must be specified in the filter.

For compound characteristics, each higher-level characteristic must be restricted to exactly one single value.

System Response

It is not possible to execute the analysis process. The data for the InfoProvider data source can only be displayed on the downstream filter."

Can you pls help me troubleshooting this error?