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Feb 03, 2014 at 10:13 AM

A question of design...


Hello FPM Group,

i want to implement some FPM Application in the HCM (Objekttypes and Infotypes) environment. The customer wants to start with some basic functions ans reuse this basisc staff in later developments, too.

The task in generell is, to force the users to enter data in the portal ( via FPM WD ) and after pressing save, the data will be transfer into SAP backend in saved in the different infotypes ( e.g. IT-1000, IT-1001, IT-1002 (and subtyes) , 1061, 1021 etc.). Some of Infotypes will be needed in later developments as well and some will be developed later one. This means, it should be possible to plug different IT together.

Application 1 Application 2

- IT 1000

- IT 1001

- IT 1002

- IT 1061

- ...

- IT 90YY

- IT 1000

- IT 1001

- IT 1002

- IT 1021

- .....

- IT 90XX

I thought this is a classical example for FPM, but I am sure about the best FPM application design in this case.

To say it in other words, how I should split the developments, to have the possible to reuse them later without (big) additional work and make sure the developments have always the same business logic.

So the question is how to split the developments in a correct way, that I can plug them easy together in the FPM configuration editor.

I thought about :

1.) create a WD application for every infotype, but where should a place central business logic ( that all data will be saved with one commit )

2.) One WD application for all ITs and place the business logic in the comp. controller or assist class ?

3.) Create one "business logic" application + n application for every intfotype and transfer data via interface.

Any other solution ? I could only find "easy FPM" in the www, so I would be happy about other ideas.

thanks, Ben