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Oct 31, 2005 at 01:24 PM

How to start WAD report from MSS with Hierarchy ?


Hello to all.

I have a WAD Report that the parameters for it are: Org unit - as the root, and a year/month.

The report receive an org unit and display data for it and for all org units under it in the Org. structure.

I start the report from the MSS.

In R/3 in table T77MWBBWS I created an entry for that report with Reference char. = "ORG_STRU" instead of "0orgunit".

The report ignores the Org unit that I choose from the MSS selection screen, and starts with the Root Org unit of my Org structure.

What to do in order to start the report with the Org unit that i select and to get results for all the org. units under it ?

Thanks, Pazit Atar.