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Feb 02, 2014 at 10:56 AM

SMP 2.3 Unable to install update SMP23002_0-21011045



I've installed Sap Mobile Platform on PC with Windows 7 Professional 32 bit.

Installation completed successfully, during the installation I've entered password for SupAdmin.

I turned off Sap Services on the PC by clicking "Stop SAP Mobile Platform Services" and verified they were stopped.

After that I tried to install SMP23002_0-21011045 update.

In command line, the installation asked for User Name and Password of CacheDB. I havent installed CacheDB before, so I guess it was installed during the installation of Sap Mobile Platform 2.3. So, I wrote SupAdmin for user name. Then I've asked to write a password, I've tried to write the password, but it seemed it was impossible to do so, the Interface did not respond for typing, also Copy-Paste did not help. The field seemed to be disabled.

I've put Enter Key after finishing typing a password, and received

"Ping database failed -- Invalid user ID or password.

The CacheDB login information provided are not valid. Would you like to try again?".

Trying again gave the same result.

What was wrong with the installation?

Thank You!