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Feb 01, 2014 at 12:51 PM

BO4 - event logs show webi proc server stopped unexpectedly



We are experiencing various 32070 errors - we have split the aps and ajs and have 4 webi proc servesr on a 2-node windows cluster running apache tomcat.

BO4 SP08

Have noticed in the event viewer that shows webi porc webi proc.server stopped unexpecetdly sometimes - once a minute before user got a 30270 error.

It seesm the wbei proc servers are stopping/startingtermittently.

Can't see anything obvious in the logs - we have high level tracing just says webi proc server stoppped unepxectdly.

When look in cmc and cpu/memory usagge on servers they look all healthy.

Whislt some usrs create very large reports I am wondering if this coudl be cause of it - we have increased the memory threshold on the webi porc servers to approx 9gb per one - errors still show.

Some reports can be tens of mbs - have advised users this is not recommended but business needds mean these report exist - wonder how we can prove if this is the cause of webi proc servesr stopping unexpectedly or if some other cause.

Any advice/thoughts?