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Jan 31, 2014 at 11:25 PM

XI 7.0 IR Integration Scenario - You cannot insert an internal action into a template


Hi all,

I'm trying to reproduce an standard SAP Integration Scenario changing some details for my specific scenario.

SAP has a scenario where a BPM is used to intermediate an XML digital signature request and the digital signature service (Java).

When I try to insert the Action (which is equal the standard one) in the 3rd component (Sign Service - Template), I get the error message: "You cannot insert an internal action into a template" and, obviously, I'm not able to insert the action there to complete the sync call and finish the scenario.

This is the standard Integ. Scenario delivered:

The 3rd component is the Java Digital Signature service, and is a Template.

Component details:

Action details:

So, my question is: if it's not possible, how was the standard designed/created?

Also, I have to reproduce it as it is. How can I achieve that?

What am I doing wrong here?

Thanks for the inputs!



integScenario1.JPG (55.2 kB)
component.JPG (56.1 kB)
action.JPG (58.8 kB)
error.JPG (23.0 kB)