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Jan 31, 2014 at 07:54 PM

Can I create a variable that identifies if a result is duplicated in report? (Webi)



I know I can do what I would like in Excel easily, but I was wondering if it was possible in Webi.


I have a Results Object for [Form] and I'm trying to add a column next to that that shows returns a 1 as the value for each unique occurence of the form. I want to do this because the report requestors would like the ability to filter the report and see a list of all the form numbers with no duplicates.

I've included a table that I created in Excel that shows what I'd like to replicate in Webi. In Excel, I sorted by Form and used the =if() function to compare the current row with the previous row to let me know if the number is unique or not.

Name Form Unique? CHOCKALINGAM I-200-11224 0 MEHTA I-200-11224 1 JAIN I-200-11224A 1 CHAUDHARY I-200-11224BC 1 BHATTACHARYA I-200-11224Z 0 MISHRA I-200-11224Z 0 SINGAMALA I-200-11224Z


I know there is a Previous(self) function in Webi, but that isn't giving me the desired results.

And if I'm going about this the wrong way please let me know.