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Jan 31, 2014 at 04:47 PM

Firm Planned Order Rescheduled by MRP


Hello All,

We have experienced firm planned orders being rescheduled by MRP on a limited number of materials in our system. This does not happen to all materials and we have not been able to duplicate the behavior in our test client. We can see nothing obvious that is different between one material or another. The scenario is that the client generates demand through firm planned orders and not planned independent requirements. They are linked to an external demand planning system and that system does not like it when SAP moves these orders around. We see the rescheduling on past due firm planned orders. MRP is run and the past due order is rescheduled for today. Like I mentioned, this only happens for a limited number of materials. On the majority of the parts, we run MRP and the firm planned order in the past stays in the past. On these parts, MRP is run and the past due firm planned order is moved to today's date. This happens when using planning mode 2, not planning mode 1, if that sheds any light.

We are in a REM environment on HANA.