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Former Member
Jan 31, 2014 at 04:34 PM

Index awareness Issue


Hello Experts

I’m trying to apply index awareness in my universe. I have a
Month dimension table that is connected to my Fact table. In the Month table, I
have a Fiscal Year ID (foreign key). The
Month ID is composed of the year ID and the month number (201309, 201308, and
201206). The user passes a Fiscal Year Description for instance “Fiscal Year
2013”, which is also in the Month table to display data. Then, the system displays
data for all month in the past fiscal year.

I’m applying the index awareness on the Year ID under the
Month table. I used a LOV to create a
short list of years with data, which are 2012 and 2013.

What I’m observing ing the following. Without index aware applied,
it returns correct data that corresponds to the Fiscal Year Passed. But, once index awareness applied, it does not
matter which Fiscal Year selected, it uses 2013 to search, and it returns data corresponding
to both years (2013 and 2012).

Something I noticed however when looking at data in the Moth
table, for each year, there are multiple occurrences because of Month surrogate
key that was created using year and
month. (201309, 201208 for instance). So the Year_SID are not unique.

My question: is there any ways I can get this index
awareness work with the current structure? What would be the solution? I’m thinking, maybe the index awareness is
not working because there aren’t unique Year_SIDs, but what I still don’t
understand is why IDT keeps using 2013 in the generated query even when I
passes Fiscal year 2012 ?