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Jan 31, 2014 at 04:29 PM

Transporting substitution to Production


Hello Experts!

Can anybody clarify certain things about a substitution moving to a different envirnoment? As, there was a change made with step 10 and while saving the TR, the three check boxes related to logical rule, transport sets and boolean sets were ticked. What will be the impact, if we tick all three check boxes and what is the appropriate way to move only the step and ticking the boxes accordingly? Issue is, there were some FI postings with different cost centres, which is wrong. The cost centres are picked from the program through maintained SET (GS02). We have compared the history with the after change in production system and it seems everything same. Can anybody throw some light as what could be the reason for the substitution is failing, even if everything seems alright? Is there any way to know, if at all any changes take place anywhere during this whole process of transporting the TR?

Appreciate a quick response!

Thanks in advance!