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Jan 31, 2014 at 02:43 PM

How does transaction CRM_TERRMAN_DATA_MIG work?


Hello there,

I have a questions abut sap crm terriotry management.

We have migrated territory hierarchy from file and fill table CRMM_TERRATTRIB with attributes for rules. From that table should be rules for new territories created and activated by report CRM_TERRMAN_DATA_MIG.

In official help is written, after that, report CRM_TERRMAN_PROC_REL in initial mode will create relationships between territory and partners to the table CRMD_TERR_ACCREL.

But I have noticed that after CRM_TERRMAN_DATA_MIG run there are also records in CRMD_TERR_ACCREL already created.

1.) What does CRM_TERRMAN_DATA_MIG exactly do? Problem is, that this report run in dialog processes, not in background. Its create also records to the table CRMD_TERR_ACCREL before CRM_TERRMAN_PROC_REL. Is that behaviour correct? Is there some missig settings avoiding to create relationships in this step? When there is a large amount of partners this is highly time consuming.

2.) When are data inserted to the table CRMD_TERR_ACCREL?

3.) Is it possible to run CRM_TERRMAN_PROC_REL in parallel for inial mode...(runnig of this report is highly time consuming and its seems than new records to CRMD_TERR_ACCREL are not created).

Thanks to all experts for commentary.