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Jan 31, 2014 at 10:00 AM

Connecting multiple vendors when making payment.



I am Srinivas from Hosur, Tamil Nadu, India, working as Corporate Audit Manager and engaged in Auditing of financial accounts of one Automobile Major.

Here my client is facing a genuine problem.

A vendor is acting as a Bought-out Supplier and a Sub-Contractor under the same name.

As a Sub-contractor, he has to be deducted With-holding tax. The same is activated. But when the bought-out items are accounted, with-holding tax is getting deducted for the entries made.

I am having the following idea and like to get your valuable suggestion about the possibility of implementing the same.

01. Creating 2 vendors viz ABC Steel Suppliers (Bought-out) - Main Vendor and ABC Sub-contractors (With-holding tax enabled).

02. Separate Purchase orders / Service Orders will be issued to the individual vendors.

03.Payment has to be made to ABC Steel Suppliers (Main Vendor) for their bills as well as ABC Sub-Contractors.

04. When making payment, I should able to get displayed of all open items of both the vendors.

05. Is there any possibility of conecting these two vendors permanently at the master level or in some other way to make these type of payment.

Kindly anybody help us by providing a solution or some other way.

Thanks in Advance.