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Jan 31, 2014 at 04:10 AM

Stock Productivity Index report



To better manage our Inventory, we are required to report the Stock Productivity Index (SPI).

I'm sure there is no standard that will report the SPI.

Fomula to calculate the Stock Productivity Index= Gross Profit margin * Stockturn

I can calculate the Gross profit margin, as we already have a report that does this.

I just need to get the Stock turn for every material per plant.

I'm so lost when it comes to the logic behind calculation of Stock Turn.

I know the Inventory Turnover value= Total usage value/ Mean valuated stock value.

Apparently, I have seen the LIS reports for Stock turns. MCBC, MC.B etc.

I can get the Total usage value in Info structure S031.

The trick is when it comes to the logic for Mean valuated stock value.

I have seen the formula for Avg. valuated stock as: Value of beginning stock + n value of stock at month's end

n + 1

When debugged MCBC, I can understand how the Value of beginning stock is being calculated- I could marry up to MB5B beginning stock value (per the right selection under Category), but somehow cannot marry up the Clposing stock at month's end to apply the logic in our custom program. Can the closing balance, for a given time period (say 01.2013 to 12.2013) be otained or rather compared with MB5B or likes??

Will anyone be able to pitch in and shed some light here?

I'm sure there will be heaps of businesses that has required to come uo with such a report..

Really looking forward to prompt replies.



Phew, looks like no one has ever aske about such a report!