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Jan 30, 2014 at 08:32 PM

Error during extraction of DATE fields from SAP ERP using Data Services 4.2 SP01


Hello, Experts,

I have a problem with extraction of DATE type fields from SAP ERP using SAP Data Services 4.2 SP01. And hope that some of you may already had this situation and will be able to help me.

I have successfully installed SAP IPS 4.1 SP02 and SAP Data Services 4.2 SP01. Then migrated and upgraded old SAP Data Services 4.1 Patch 3 repository into the newly installed environment. The new (SAP Data Services 4.2 SP01) environment works perfectly well except one issue - when I try to extract any DATE type field from SAP ERP I am getting an error "Invalid value <Month: 255> for date <0>. Context: Column <>.".

Then I performed several tests in SAP Data Services 4.2 SP01 environment and here are my findings:

1. I can successfully create and save DataStore to SAP ERP.

2. I can successfully browse SAP ERP tables, import them into DataStore and preview the table data.

3. I can add SAP ERP table to DataFlow as data source and also preview data of this table.

4. When I preview SAP ERP table data I can correctly see all date fields with correct dates in these fields.

5. The above mentioned error is displayed when I create a Query with DATE type field, map this field with DATE type field from SAP ERP table and try to extract.

6. If the column in Query is VARCHAR type and this field is mapped to DATE type field in SAP ERP table the error is not displayed but instead of actual date the number "0" is loaded into target table.

Also I know that after every SAP Data Services update it is mandatory to update SAP Data Services SAP functions which are provided in the SAP Data Services transport folder but in SAP Data Services 4.2 SP01 case the SAP Functions transport folder contains only *.R22 files (for SAP BASIS 4.6D or earlier) and readme file informs that for SAP NetWeaver 6.0 and later (it's our case) no Functions are provided - SAP Functions are already provided in three SAP Components.

Also I would like to mention that old SAP Data Services 4.1 Patch 3 environment successfully connects and extracts all DATE type fields from the same SAP ERP system.

Looking forward to hear from you any ideas and suggestions regarding this issue.

Thank you in advance.