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Jan 30, 2014 at 06:32 PM

Receiver Interface Condition Issue in PI 7.3


Hi All,

I have File to Mails Scenario where I am sending 3 different file like below:

1. Led_DDMMYYYY.xlsx OR Led_DDMMYYYY.xls

2. Chip_DDMMYYYY.xlsx OR Chip_DDMMYYYY.xls

3. Other than above 2 files.

There DDMMYYYY is the time stamp.

I used in condition at Receiver Interface Condition in PI Integrated Configuration like below:

1. FileName = (here it is not exact equal but pattern) Led_*.xls* --> Receiver CC_Mail1

2. FileName = (same) Chip_*.xls* --> Receiver CC_Mail2

3. Filename NOT EQUAL Led_*.xls* AND FileName NOT EQUAL Chip_*.xls* --> Receiver CC_Mail3

But when i send file name Ram_20140130.txt, then it is not going to recever CC_Mail3.

How to handle this requirement ?

I am not using Mapping, but I am using Contex Object FileName to validate the name of the file at run time.