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Jan 30, 2014 at 04:03 PM

NWDI Broken DCs in Consolidation Compartment


Hi Experts,

We are running CE 7.2 SP04.

We had moved the SCA to some old track (Track2) from current production track (Track1), thru track connections, and then enhanced the code in Track2.

All the custom DCs are Build successfully in NWDS and we Activated and released all Activities successfully, Even the central build during Activation is successful. After importing the Activities into Assembly and while trying to Assemble, we have issues.

The Assembly failed and the log is :

20140128090401 Info :Starting Step Check-assembly at 2014-01-28 09:04:01.0421 -8:00

20140128090401 Info :Checks for software component,SC1 are performed now:

20140128090401 Info :list of broken DCs:

20140128090401 Info,mdm/cust/gangag/op/ui

20140128090401 Info,mdm/cust/menu/ui

20140128090401 Fatal :Nonempty list of broken DCs, stopping export now

20140128090405 Info :list of problem DCs:

20140128090405 Info,mdm/cust/gangag/op/ui

20140128090405 Info,mdm/cust/menu/ui

20140128090405 Fatal :Nonempty list of problem DCs, stopping export now

20140128090405 Info :Checks for software component,SC1 finished succesfully

20140128090405 Info :Step Check-assembly ended with result 'fatal error' ,stopping execution at 2014-01-28 09:04:05.0664 -8:00

When checked the Build log, the Track2_D compartment is fine, but Track2_C compartment is showing the above 2 broken DCs. But they are build successfully in NWDS and Activation build also succeeded.

Is there any way to refresh only the above two broken DCs inTrack2_C compartment so that it copies the latest sources from Track2_D compartment.