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Jan 30, 2014 at 09:20 AM

Parameter box no longer shows values to select


We have an app originally written in VS2005 that acts as a front end for report selection and viewing to the user. This is a property/real estate application and when the user runs the report they need to select at runtime the relevant property that they want to run the report against. The data source is embedded into the Crystal Report (as opposed to being set up programatically in the application) and a parameter is set up in each report for the selection of the property. This reads the dataset and when the application is run, Crystal displays its parameter selection dialogue which includes a list of all the properties that have been read from the data source. The user can then cherry-pick the property (or, indeed, properties) from the list that is provided. All good stuff.

Now, due to changes at the customer site, the application has needed to be re-compiled in .Net Framework 4 and hence we have moved from VS2005 to VS2010. When the application runs it now displays Crystal's parameter selection dialogue but this is just asking for a discrete value - it is not listing all of the properties per the data source, hence the user cannot pick a property from a list and instead in order to get the report to work they have to type in the ID of the property which is, of course, a pain because users do not generally know what the IDs are.

Does anyone have any ideas why the parameter dialogue no longer displays the list of properties from the data source?

Thanks in advance for any help.