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Jan 30, 2014 at 09:11 AM

To avoid duplicate posts


Hello guys,

I know, SCN is already working towards removing duplicate posts and to avoid new duplicate posts. I got a suggestion for avoiding duplicate posts.

Usually users does not search on SCN for any previous similar posts, and post their own question. This is the main reason for so much duplicate posts.

While starting a discussion we just enter its Title and its details. Moreover if we include 2 more spaces here for Entering "Transaction Codes used in this Scenario" & "Program Name or Error message Number if Any" we will be having Text inputs from

1. Title 2. Transaction codes 3. Program Name or Error Message number.

Now based on these texts if we can run search on SCN forums and search results are displayed just above "Discussion area" saying "SCN has following posts similar to your question".

If user is not satisfied with the search results he/she will be definitely go for posting his/her own discussion. But I Guess for most of the questions user will find similar posts in search results ran automatically by SCN.

It will definitely restrict duplicate post to some extent.

What you guys feel about this? 😊