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Jan 29, 2014 at 10:45 PM

Issues starting BW on HANA instances



I'm trying to start my CAL BW on HANA instance. From the BI 4 server, I launch SAPmmc. I start BWH per instructions and I see that both imdbhdb 1 and 2 turn green. After a few moments though, imdbhdb1 turns yellow.

When I try to logon to BW, I get "partner <...> not reached" / connection refused.

I've tried suspending and then activating again the instance, but that has not resolved the issue. Has anyone seen this problem?


Update: I have terminated the instance and created a new one, and have the same problem again. When starting BWH, I am entering the Linux OS credentials bwhadm / Admin1234. It gives me an error with "invalid credentials" maybe three times before it accepts them. Then It starts, but only momentarily. This also happened the first time...

Update 2: Could I be using the wrong credentials? I noticed that initially the box with user name / password comes up with user as "SBOP4\DEMO". When I change the user to just "bdhadm" I cannot log in. If I use "SBOP4\bdhadm", then I am able to start it partially. The instructions say to use the Linux OS user and password. Can someone confirm what credentials exactly I should use? Thanks