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Jan 29, 2014 at 10:45 PM

How to create a side menu in Crystal Reports?


So here's a tricky one, or maye it's not and I'm just missing the obvious.

I want to create a side menu for my report in SAP B1. Let's say I have a report that shows the activity of an employee and I want to be able to change between employees using the side menu. I believe it's got something to do with groups in SAP.

I've seen something similar someplace; the report has 4 groups and that's what's shown on the side menu; that's how I knew it was somehow possible; I'm attaching a print screen of the aforedmentioned report that I managed to get.

BTW, if it's not possible in SAP B1 I was wondering whether it might be possible in SAP BI BO.

Any comment on this would be highly appreciated


sidemenu.JPG (70.7 kB)