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Jan 29, 2014 at 05:36 PM

Where to maintain HADR Local service port entry if the database instance is in cluster


Hi Experts,

My primary system is in cluster and HADR local_host is configured with cluster database instance resource IP to i.e, address at Primary.

Port entries are maintained in both services file of Node1 and Node2 and in DR system.

After starting HADR at Primary list when i use netstat -a it is showing HADR related process details as


It is using as local host since that is Node1 IP and it is presently active but I am worried that i have not maintained this port 53146 entry in Node1 and Node2 of Primary site and the port number is changing daily based on available ports.

But in DR system HADR local service port is showing service name that i maintained in services file.

Kindly suggest where to maintain port entries and how to make HADR to use only one static port or service at Primary site.