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Jan 29, 2014 at 03:38 PM

Start of UME Logon Failed


Dear Experts,

I know it is the most common error and I have searched and have done whatever I could. Kindly have a look and suggest your opinion on this issue.

Whenever I am starting my JAVA server, server0 is failing with error messages. When I am checking the logs in std_server0.out I find this log

I know the first impression is that SAPJSF is locked or not correct or does not match with Config tool parameter in Global Server Configuration

1. I have made sure that SAPJSF is not locked in the 010 Client and reset the password.

2. I have made sure that I have updated the saved password in ume.r3.connection.master.password

3. I have made sure that is correct and exist in SMLG,

4. msghost is also correct

5. ume.r3.connection.master.user is SAPJSF

6. I dont know Administrator password, I have reset the sap* password and trying to log in Visual Admin, but it is not logging in from sap* also. I cant change Administrator password. and as Portal is not up cant even login to change Administrator password.

I also know that it is actually going and hitting the SAPJSF user in 010 client as after many restarts finally the SAPJSF user was locked due to many attempts.

But I am just not able to correct this error. Please help with any other suggestions or what should i try.

1. Can I create another communication user and try ?

2. Can i point it to another client and see ?


stdout/stderr redirect


node name : server0

pid : 18190

system name : AJQ

system nr. : 38

started at : Wed Jan 29 16:17:19 2014

[Thr 182894043296] Wed Jan 29 16:17:20 2014

[Thr 182894043296] MtxInit: 10001 0 0

SAP J2EE Engine Version 7.01 PatchLevel 58805. is starting...

Loading: LogManager ... 429 ms.

Loading: PoolManager ... 3 ms.

Loading: ApplicationThreadManager ... 1.111: [GC 1.111: [ParNew: 409600K->2039K(512000K), 0.0137560 secs] 409600K->2039K(1994752K), 0.0139240 secs] [Times: user=0.03 sy

s=0.00, real=0.02 secs]

105 ms.

Loading: ThreadManager ... 28 ms.

Loading: IpVerificationManager ... 9 ms.

Loading: ClassLoaderManager ... 15 ms.

Loading: ClusterManager ... 156 ms.

Loading: LockingManager ... 59 ms.

Loading: ConfigurationManager ... 1522 ms.

Loading: LicensingManager ... 22 ms.

Loading: CacheManager ... 127 ms.

Loading: ServiceManager ...

Loading services.:

Service DQE started. (5 ms).

Service caf~eu~odi~mnuacc started. (1 ms).

Service memory started. (61 ms).

Service cross started. (52 ms).

Service file started. (65 ms).

Service timeout started. (51 ms).

Service runtimeinfo started. (32 ms).

Service caf~eu~cc~api started. (27 ms).

Service userstore started. (8 ms).

Service trex.service started. (52 ms).

Service jmx_notification started. (16 ms).

Service p4 started. (142 ms).

Service classpath_resolver started. (15 ms).

5.993: [GC 5.993: [ParNew: 411639K->16290K(512000K), 0.0446250 secs] 411639K->16290K(1994752K), 0.0448620 secs] [Times: user=0.19 sys=0.04, real=0.05 secs]

Service log_configurator started. (3673 ms).

Service locking started. (4 ms).

Service http started. (151 ms).

Service naming started. (297 ms).

Service failover started. (40 ms).

Service appclient started. (55 ms).

Service javamail started. (83 ms).

Service ts started. (78 ms).

Service jmsconnector started. (97 ms).

Service licensing started. (8 ms).

Service connector started. (143 ms).

Service iiop started. (141 ms).

Service webservices started. (357 ms).

Service deploy started. (4479 ms).

Service started. (6 ms).

Service configuration started. (18 ms).

Service MigrationService started. (26 ms).

Service bi~mmr~deployer started. (6 ms).

Service dbpool started. (710 ms).

Service UT started. (5 ms).

Service caf~eu~gp~mail~cf started. (35 ms).

10.099: [GC 10.099: [ParNew: 425863K->28588K(512000K), 0.0474310 secs] 425863K->28588K(1994752K), 0.0476180 secs] [Times: user=0.23 sys=0.05, real=0.05 secs]

Jan 29, 2014 4:17:31 PM [SAPEngine_System_Thread[impl:5]_69] Fatal: Initialization of ABAP data source (

persistence.datasource.imp.R3Persistence) failed: "Name or password is incorrect (repeat logon)". This message is critical if it appears during the startup of the AS Ja


Jan 29, 2014 4:17:31 PM [SAPEngine_System_Thread[impl:5]_69] Fatal:

service ================= ERROR =================

Core service failed. J2EE Engine cannot be started. Start of UME service failed. Check help topic "Start of UME Service Failed". Technical details: Name or password is incorrect (re

peat logon)








Caused by: Name or password is incorrect (repeat logon)









... 6 more Start of UME service failed. Check help topic "Start of UME Service Failed". Technical details: Name or password is incorrect (re

peat logon)








Caused by: Name or password is incorrect (repeat logon)









... 6 more

[Framework -> criticalShutdown] Core service failed. J2EE Engine cannot be started.

Jan 29, 2014 4:17:31 PM [SAPEngine_System_Thread[impl:5]_69] Fatal: Critical shutdown was invoked. Reason is: Core service com failed. J2EE Engine cannot be started.


par new generation reserved 614400K, committed 614400K, used 49248K [0x0000000041460000, 0x0000000066c60000, 0x0000000066c60000)

eden space 409600K, 5% used [0x0000000041460000, 0x000000004288d208, 0x000000005a460000)

from space 102400K, 27% used [0x0000000060860000, 0x000000006244b068, 0x0000000066c60000)

to space 102400K, 0% used [0x000000005a460000, 0x000000005a460000, 0x0000000060860000)

concurrent mark-sweep generation reserved 1482752K, committed 1482752K, used 0K [0x0000000066c60000, 0x00000000c1460000, 0x00000000c1460000)

concurrent-mark-sweep perm gen reserved 524288K, committed 524288K, used 43020K [0x00000000c1460000, 0x00000000e1460000, 0x00000000e1460000)