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Jan 29, 2014 at 01:39 PM

Business Objects 4.0 clustering(Active-Passive)


Hi All,

I have done the clustering configuration for BO 4.0 SP2 on Windows 2008 r2 like below:

1)Install BO 4.0 SP2 on Box1

Once the installation is completed ensured all the servers are up and running

2)Installed BO 4.0 setup on Box2 using expand install pointing to CMS on Box1

3)pointed the share drive for IFRS and OFRS on both box 1 and Box 2

4)Verified the cluster on Box 2 also shows the same name

I have read a lot of discussions on forums and other documents.However I have the below queries:

1)I wanted to check if the SIA on box 1 goes down whether the SIA on box 2 automatically becomes active

and works without any issues. I manually shut down the SIA on box 1 and when I check I find that I

cannot login to SIA on Box 2. I get an error that CMS on BOX 1 is down.Am I missing any steps here?

2)Once the setup is completed on Box 2 find that all the servers are up and running except CMS. Should I

manually shut down the IFRS and OFRS on box 2? Since only one FRS should be active at any time right

which will be pointing to the share drive? Or is it taken care by BO internally?

3)Once I change the filestore path on IFRS and OFRS on both the servers from Box1 CMC I'm unable to

restart the IFRS and OFRS of Box2.In fact I cannot be able to restart any of the servers of Box2 from

Box1 CMC.Is this correct or anything needs to be done here?

4)How do I test if the cluster configuration is working?

5)How do I configure a common URL for CMC and BI launchpad.If CMS on Box1 goes down how do I ensure the URL switches to CMS on box2

I have followed the steps mentioned here: