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Jan 29, 2014 at 12:56 PM

Design Studio 1.2 SDK - SAPUI5 mobile library events not fired


In pursuit of enabling a mobile first design, I have been experimenting with integrating SAPUI5 mobile controls from the sap.m library with the Design Studio SDK. In the process, I have come across an anomaly whereby event listeners for sap.m controls do not have any effect when the controls are rendered within the Design Studio SDK framework.

I'm hoping for suggestions to resolve this problem.

To demonstrate the point, below is a link to a standalone SAPUI5 demo that includes a standard button (sap.ui.commons.Button) and a mobile button (sap.m.Button). Both buttons declare a press event handler to display an alert when the button is clicked:

In the example, you will see that clicking both buttons achieves the desired result of launching an alert message box. The code for this demo is attached in file StandandAloneSAPUI5code.txt.

When the same code is applied in a Design Studio SDK component, the event handler for the standard button (sap.ui.commons.Button) works as expected. However, the event handler for the mobile button (sap.m.Button) has no effect whatsoever. This issue seems to occur for any of the sap.m controls, whereas the sap.ui.commons controls don't have a problem. The code applied in the SDK is attached in file SDK_component_code.txt.

I would very much appreciate it if anyone could provide feedback as to how this issue can be resolved. It seems unusual that standard SAPUI5 control events work as expected but mobile control events have no effect.