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Jan 29, 2014 at 09:31 AM

How to create an editable area in a form that is prefilled with formatted text?


Hi everybody,

in our e-recruiting system we do have a form with an editable area.

The editable area is defined by a Smart Forms text template and included in a smartform.

The template contains formatted text with smartforms styles (c.f. screenshot 1).

When I create an activity with this form based on the template the editable area is empty (c.f. screenshot 2).

I found out that it works if I use a very simple template text without any formatting.

However, the formatting is essential in our scenario.

Does anyone know how to create a formatted text template that can be edited in the editable area?




texttemplate.jpg (87.2 kB)
editable_area.jpg (36.4 kB)