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Use of Stored Procedure from SPS11 onwards

Jan 17, 2017 at 04:37 PM


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SAP suggesting not to use scripted calculation views though these are available for now. I can go with table UDF and use it in my calculation view but i can not call any procedure from table UDF.

I might have done something wrong but when i tried using procedure in calculation view it didn't allow me (i was dragging procedure from my workspace to projection node). May be because procedure can have multiple result set.

If i can not create calculation view using procedure and i can not call any procedure inside table UDF then where and how would i use stored procedures. Considering the fact that i should not use scripted calculation views anymore.

please provide your inputs.

Thank you

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Note, that primary tag deals with "SAP SQL Anywhere", one of SAP's database manangement systems. I'm quite sure your question relates to another DBMS (HANA?), so I would suggest to modify the used tag...



sorry for this mistake again n again. i really couldn't find any better tag available.


No problem for me - it's just a hint that an unfitting tag might prevent experts from the according field to notice your question - but apparently Florian did notice that:)

(And frankly, most folks here will agree that it is really difficult to cope with all those tags...)


Exactly ! i'm coming back to SCN after a long time and was really surprised that why i'm not getting replies. Tag was the reason.

Anyways, still have kind people here :-)

Thanks !

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Florian Pfeffer
Jan 27, 2017 at 02:24 PM

You cannot use a procedure as data source within a calculation view. You have to use a table function as you described.

In the table function you can call procedures, but of course only read-only ones (... READS SQL DATA AS ...).

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Thanks Florian. If that is the case then where i would be using other procedures (other than READ only).


That is the case ...

Where you would use read-write procedures? There are different use cases you can think about, e.g. calling read-write procedures from an xsjs or Node.js service to do some updates; using a stored procedure in an OData modification exit ...

A calculation view is by default a read operation, cause an analytic requirement will not change any of the data.

sudhanshu sharma Feb 01, 2017 at 04:55 PM

That fill all the gaps. Thank you so much Florian !

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