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Jan 28, 2014 at 11:56 PM

Dynamically update tvarvc variable with last day of month from variable business day



A user wants to find a way to update a date parameter within a Z report automatically. This report is supposed to capture YTD from the 1/1/20XX to the last day of the previous month. Additionally, this report is run on the 4th business day of the following month.

I had thought I could set up a sy-datum-based parameter for the upper and lower limits but not sure if this is possible since the report run date may vary (i.e., you can't use 'sy-datum -4' on the 4th day of the month you are running the report since that 4th day won't always be a 'business' day).

Any advice on how to proceed with this? Is RS_CHANGE_CREATED_VARIANT an option? I would like to find a solution requiring nothing more than updating the TVARVC table.