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Jan 28, 2014 at 10:15 PM

Linking Equipment to Fixed Assets in different company code


Hi Experts,

I am working for a client in Utilities industry in Australia.

I have a peculiar situation where work done on equipment is carried out from
Company Code CC01 and Fixed Assets are created in Company Code CC02.

The work done on equipment in CC01 uses cost collector as Projects.

The structure of the projects is:

Level 1 WBS (in Co Cd CC02)

Level 2 WBS (in Co Cd CC01)

Costs are booked on Level 2 WBS and settled on Level 1 WBS. This cost from
Level 1 WBS is capitalized on a AUC/FXA in CC02.

As of now there is no link between FXA and Equipment. Our client wants to
establish this link retrospectively, that is, for all existing FXA and
Equipments without any migration impacts.

This means, FXA would still remain in CC02 (as they are the legal owners of
the Assets) while Equipments would still reside in CC01 (as the movement of all
equipments from CC01 to CC02 has humungous cost & effort impacts).

Below are the options I tried without any success:

  1. Linking Equipment in CC01 to FXA in CC02 - System
    throws a standard error message “Message no. AA001 - Asset XX not in company
    code CC01”
  2. Linking FXA in CC02 to Equipment in CC01 – System saves
    this mapping but when I go back to display the FXA, the mapping is no longer
    there. There are no error or warning messages.
  3. Automatic Creation of Equipment Master Records - In the configuration “Assign Master Data
    Fields of Assets and Equipment” I removed the mapping of Company Code. However
    system still checks the company code while synchronously creating/updating FXA
    or equipment.

Please advise how should I resolve this issue.