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Jan 28, 2014 at 06:00 PM

Require different calculation for the Grand Total(Overall Result) as compared to Sub-Results in SAP bex query designer


HI All,

I require a different calculation for the Grand total(Overall Result row) as compared to the subtotals.

In our case ,We want to calculate Grand total result as the average of sub-total results where as subtotal result performing summation operation.


In the attached report,

-> Observe PO Document with multiple invoices at line item level which means PO Amt will be same for all the invoices under same PO document number.

PO Document Invoice PO Amount

12345 1 750

12345 2 750

12345 3 750

Result 750 (Using exception aggregation)

In order to achieve this we have used exception aggregation in PO Amount with reference to characteristic 'Reference Key' .(See Result row in yellow colour)

-> Observe Result row in green colour which defines the total PO Amount for particular PO document number(summing of PO amts at Item level).

-> Observe overall result which is summing the amounts in green rows,.

Instead of summing , i need the averages of PO Amounts with respect to all PO document numbers at Overall result level.


sap1.png (38.3 kB)