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Jan 27, 2014 at 07:13 PM

Sync documents between two Portal systems



I am sure this would be a very simple question for many of you... I was trying to search and could not find any good help so thought to open this discussion.

We have a requirement on Portal to access some documents. we plan to upload the documents in KM and have links through iView so that users can access these documents.

But, we have too many systems in the landscape and they do not want to keep maintaining documents on different Portal systems. So, they have asked to see if they can upload/maintain documents on one Portal server (like Prod system) and other Portal systems (like, dev, QA, maint, pre-prod etc..) can connect to one Portal and get the documents and display on the Portal.

I found one way to do this via WebDev repository manager. Using this, I can make one Portal as WebDev server and rest as WebDev clients. I could do it successfully as well. But real issue I face was below...

My folder structure on Portal:



|_ BI Documents

|_ Help Documents

When I setup WebDev Repository manager to bring all the document under Help Documents, those shows up on other Portals but under the root folder. But, I would like to show it under same above hierarchy on other Portal systems too so that I can use that path in the iView as well as I can give access to that folder on Portal system to those who would be maintaining this documents via Content management role.

Let me know how I can achieve that. If anyone knows option other than WebDev, I would like to hear that as well.