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Jan 27, 2014 at 07:02 PM

Travel Vendors in FICO getting an additional payment method from HR master data for Finland.


Hi Team!

The reference vendor is being updated manually with payment method “7” through FK02. When program RPRAPA00 is executed it updates payment method “7P” to travel vendor. Here the “P” is additional and unnecessary for travel vendors in Finland.

Payment method P is picked up from HR master data which is “Infotype 0009 main Bank payment method” and can't be removed from there as it is needed for Payroll.

Investigation is needed as to why travel vendors in FICO get an additional payment method P from HR master data and if it can be eliminated somehow, although it is important for HR. Since for other payment methods there is no issue.

Please find attached screen shots showing the correct and incorrect updation for payment method in travel vendor.

Please share the approach if anyone has faced a similar issue or concern.

Thank you in advance.