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Former Member
Jan 27, 2014 at 03:32 PM

EPM Context Selection on Shared Reports BPC NW 10.0


Hello experts,

I am trying to use EPM Context Pane to select variables for categories (versions) and I noticed one funny thing.

If my worksheet contains two reports with different sources, context pane is report specific.

For instance, I have one report on actual cube and another one on plan cube.

I can select category "ACTUAL" on the actual report and "ACTUAL" data is displayed in the actual report. On the right, I have the plan report and I can select "PLAN" category, the report refreshes and "PLAN" data is displayed. The selection is report specific.

However, if I have two reports on the same cube (plan) , the selection works for the whole worksheet.

For example, I have one report where I want do display data with category "PLAN" and another report where I want to display data with category "PLAN_2". Both reports are on the same cube. If I use the Context Pane on the left report, only data with category "PLAN" is shown in both reports. If I select category "PLAN_2" on the right, only "PLAN_2" is shown in both reports.

Is there some kind of option I forgot to turn on? I want the Context Pane to be report specific.

Putting category in Page Axis works fine, but I want to use the Context Pane.