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Jan 27, 2014 at 02:57 PM

Bond Series - TBB1 single posting for multiple trades


Hi All

Could you please suggest me on the below issue which relates to public sector:

The client issues bonds in series with multiple maturities. Following is the example:

The total value of series is $100 Millions with 3 maturities which start on 1/1/2014 and ends on 1/1/2017.

Maturity 1 which mature on 1/1/2015 for $25 millions with rate of interest @5%

Maturity 2 which mature on 1/1/2016 for $35 millions with rate of interest @ 4%

Maturity 3 which matures on 1/1/2017 for $40 millions with rate of interest @4.5%

Is there anyway I can enter all these maturity details in one class? What is the best product type to be used for this scenario?

I thought of creating a separate class and trade for each maturity. But, the problem is with some of the common expenses like cost of issuances which should be posted at series level, not individual maturity level

Finally, if we have multiple trades with multiple security classes ids, when you post TBB1, it will try to post for each transactions. Is there anyway we can make a single posting for all the maturities?

Please suggest me on this.