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Jan 27, 2014 at 02:00 PM

Can debugger break on custom functions only?


I'm not a programmer. I'm an analyst who uses the debugger a lot, but I don't use the most sophisiticated breakpoint commands. I'd like to set a breakpoint on the 'Call Function' Statement, but have the debugger stop only on functions that are customer-written functions. (I'd like to do the same thing to get the debugger to stop on Methods that belong to custom Classes, too). I often have to wade through dozens or hundreds of SAP functions before I hit a custom function. It seems to me the debugger can tell which programs and classes were created by SAP vs. those that are customer-created. It should be easy to delimit the breakpoints to stop only at customer-generated code. (It doesn't have to be the Call Statement function. If there's some other Breakpoint/Watchpoint setup I can use, that's fine.) Thanks for your help.