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Jan 17, 2017 at 03:10 PM

Reset edited values in SAP Lumira


Hi Folks,

Is there an option to reset the changes done on a column value while preparing the data in SAP Lumira.

Example :

We have an output in an excel sheet, one of the columns is 'Company Region'. The data is loaded into SAP Lumira. In the prepare phase I use the Replace function to reassign the old region code to the new ones. Eg: WE, EMEEA, WEE becomes EMEA, CN, GRCN, ASIA becomes APAC , etc...

Now people want to know what rules are used for this replacements. For some cases they want to undo the reassignment (replace) of certain Regions.

Is this possible? So far I haven't found any setting to clear some of the replacements.

Is it possible to reset the complete or part of the 'edting and cleaning' rules in SAP Lumira?

Many thanks for your wise answers