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Oct 27, 2005 at 10:41 AM

Activation Error: "unknown entity type 'Archive'"



I have a problem with a External Library - DC:

1) Add a new DC of type External Library

3) Go to Windows Explorer and copy a JAR file

4) Go to Navigator tab of the Development Configurations Perspective and paste the JAR files into the libraries folder

5) Right-click JAR file and choose Development Component => Add to Public Part

6) Choose the "Provide an API for developing/compiling other DCs" radio button from the popup

7) Check-In Activity

8) When I want to activate the Avtitity I get an CBS Build Error:


Build Plugins Version (ExternalArchivePlugin, 630_VAL_REL ) from 2005-09-08 23:39:44 CEST

Building development component 'dc/isolib', vendor '', type 'External Library'

software component 'ATLANTIK_CERTIFIED_VACANCY', vendor ''.

location 'E11_ATLCERVA_D'.

source code location 'http://isosap11:50300/dtr/ws/ATLCERVA/isogmbh.de_ATLANTIK_CERTIFIED_VACANCY/dev/active/'.

General options:

convert *.xlf to *.properties: yes

include sources for debugging: yes

Reading BuildInfrastructure extension from DC tc/bi/util (vendor

Added technology ''

Error: unknown entity type 'Archive'.

Cleaning up.


Does anyone know why the entity type 'Archive' is unknown in the CBS?