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Jan 25, 2014 at 01:43 AM

Create Contact Person with Reference (Assign Contact to MFG BP)



I have a few questions on BP creation process within SRM.... We currently, through our POWL, have a Create Supplier and Create Contact Person with Reference (see screen shot). Could someone tell me the function module that performs both the "Create Supplier " and the "Create contact person with reference process, and/or how this setup works ?

Also - the reason I ask ... We have to have another process which will create a vendor group ( For a Global Vendor # ...we configured new relationship type for this ), in which we would then "create" a relationship from a MFG vendor BP to the global vendor, so we can have 1 global vendor number and all the assigned manufaction locations (BPs).

Would it be possible to set this up within POWL similar to how the below is when we create a relationship being the supplier MFG BP and a contact BP ? Any suggestions or places you can point to me to look into this?