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Jan 24, 2014 at 02:49 PM

Use of Inventory Counting in B1 9.0 (is it useless?)


Hi all,

the 9.0 is the first Version of B1 to us and I wonder about the proceeding in "Inventory Counting":

You usally do not preselect any items for stock taking.

Not only the quantity but also the itemcode itself is the result of stock taking.

From this point of view (the legal one in Germany) all columns belonging to the loaction should be in first place instead of items.

Am I wrong with that?

Preselection of a BinLocation via Add Items\Select Items should be possible, but causes a system-crash - this seems to be a known issue.

All items in our warehouse are managed by batches.

But there is no possibilty to enter the counted batchnumber.

Regarding to that the Inventory Counting is completly useless to us.

I wished to be wrong with that.

Best regards