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Jan 24, 2014 at 10:46 AM

Pushing a script button after navigating to another screen fails


I have a scenario (Putting everything together - the finished Personas project) where I have a Personas landing page with custom fields and quick lookup buttons. These lookup buttons run a display transaction to copy some data back to the landing page - the "PO Lookup" described in the blog is the best example of this.

I also have a find button that does the job of a custom search help, allowing the user to find a PO, cost centre or other object. These buttons typically copy just the object identifier (e.g. PO number) back to the launchpad screen. I would like to also perform the lookup process after doing this. I could include the lookup process in the script on the search screen, and in some cases I do. It would be better to just push the quick lookup button that already exists on the launchpad screen and avoid duplicating code. That doesn't seem to work for me, though.

Here's a simplified example:

The process here is:

  • User pushes the "Go" button, which in this example just runs transaction GUIT
  • User pushes the "Go Back" button on GUIT. This button uses "/n" to go back to the start screen, enters some text ("From GUIT") in one field there and pushes a button ("Press me") that fills in some text in another field

You can see that I get the "From GUIT" text, but I don't get the "I was pressed" text that would result from pressing the button. It appears that pressing a script button on one screen after navigating to it in another script doesn't work.

Is this right? Have I missed something? Is it a bug that should be reported? Does anyone have any suggestions for getting this to work?