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Jan 23, 2014 at 02:47 PM

Negative values in planned time in 0HR_PT_1



I have a problem with the infopackage 0HR_PT_1. Most of the time, it's works but sometimes it load negative values in planned time. I check with HR team and there is no special event when it produce and to have negative planned time should not be possible.

There is no apparent logic in data. Costcenters, functionnal localations, etc does not matter. There is no change in the employee's states. An employee can keep is position and have a negative or a positive value. There is no apparent distinction between a row with a positive value and another with a negative value.

Values are the inverse of the real planned time. For exemple if a person is planned for 8 hour for a day, he have -8 in planned time. Normaly he have already a value of 8 in the cube loaded by another request. So, if we check is the cube, he have 0 hours for this day.

The system do this for a large part of persons. about 80%. Sometimes, he do this to times. If I check for the planned time for february 2014 (the next month in the future) I have -70000 hours.

The requests with negative values seems to be normal.

I deleted all data and reloaded. All data seems to be fine after that and the is no negative values at all.

Do you have an idea?