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if failed notification send to perticular person

Hi Friends,

My requirement:  i am using 7.3.1 version  i am sending data 1 source to 3 targets. here we are using BPMs.

                           There is some validations here.

                            if validation Failed i want send Notification to perticular person.

                           Please tell me how to configure this in BPMS.

                           I have one more doubt   : What is difference between Notification and Alerts

                           What is difference between mail Adapter and SMTP configuration?

Thanks and Regards,


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3 Answers

  • Jan 23, 2014 at 01:06 PM

    Hi Prakash,

    Refer this blog for better understanding of your requirement.

    why don't you use alert configuration?

    An alert is a notification informing its recipients that a critical or very important situation has arisen.The system recognizes the situation and sends the alert.

    SAPTechnical.COM - XI - Alert Configuration in XI

    SMTP is one of the Transport protocol that we use in the mail using this we can transfer mails to the email server.

    Refer this link for mail adapter configuration…

    Configuring the Receiver Mail Adapter (SAP Library - Partner Connectivity Kit)


    Bhargava krishna

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  • Jan 23, 2014 at 02:35 PM

    Difference b/w Notification and Alert:

    As you can find in the below defination from SAP, A notification is process step to inform/contact the user. It's not a process failure instead it is as part of the process.

    Alerts are something that will notify you during any process failures. It's a kind monitoring utility.

    A notification is a specific type of activity which you model as a separate step in your process model. When the process flow reaches this step, an e-mail is sent to notify selected recipients that a specific event has happened or some activity has been completed in previous process steps. You can use notification activities in many places in the process model, depending on which activities and events you want the process to send notifications about.

    When you model notifications, you have to define the recipients of the e-mail that is sent. Recipients can be users, groups, or roles from the User Management Engine (UME), for which an e-mail is entered in the UME, but you can also send notifications to external recipients. You can also define recipients with an expression.

    The e-mail is sent in plain text. You can customize the subject and the text of the e-mail using text variables from the data objects in the process context

    Souce :

    What is difference between mail Adapter and SMTP configuration?

    SMTP configuration is basement and Mail adapter is a building 😊. You should configure SMTP inorder to make use of Mail adapter

    you can also find the SMTP configuration in the above link

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  • Jan 23, 2014 at 03:42 PM


    Where exactly u are doing validation and what kind of validation? In NW BPM or PI?

    AFAIK, notification will only come into picture when u are doing validations in NW BPM.


    Amit Srivastava

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    • Hello,

      Now, I am not sure why u want to use BPM for this? It seems that u are just doing 2 validations inside BPM and that's it?

      So, If i were u then i would have used Extended Receiver Determination and performed all the validations inside it.

      So inside UDF depending upon the validation results i would have determined which BC to output:

      BC1  -> Will send mail in case first validation gets failed

      BC2  -> Will send mail in case Second validation gets failed

      BC3  -> Will Send message to UK01

      BC4  -> Will send message to UK02.....

      And the logic inside UDF will be something like this:

      If (first details record count is validated against the number of records found in the header of the payload)
      if (next validation of total journal amount in detail records match the journal amount in the header record)
      else if(CompanyCode.equals("UK02") result.addValue(BC4); ..... .....
      else { result.addValue(BC2) } }
      else { result.addValue(BC1)

      But havng said so, in case u still want to use BPM even then also I don't see any complexity in ur process, so start creating NW BPM process - complete ur PI design part using below article:

      Using NetWeaver BPM for Stateful System-Centric Message Orchestration

      and in case u have any issues while creating ur validation condition inside BPM then get back to us.


      Amit Srivastava