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Jan 23, 2014 at 11:17 AM

Update of variant conditions for contracts (table A505) via function module?


Hi Developers,

I need advice from one of the material management experts.

I want to create and update variant conditions for purchasing contracts (see transaction ME33K) using a function module. I figured out that I can create the needed entries in the conditions tables KONH and KONP using the function module RV_KONDITION_SICHERN_V13A. I also post the data of the variant conditions to this function module but the table for the variant conditions A505 is not getting populated with the data.

Is it possible to post variant conditions using this function module or is there another function module for this?

I know the transaction MEK2 for maintaining the variant conditions calls also the mentioned function module. But I didn't find the part where the data are posted into table A505.

Any hint would be appreciated!