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Jan 23, 2014 at 09:04 AM

Suppress or hide particular series in bar chart



I am using crystal reports 2011 to display report having bar chart. Chart has only one series which is used to diaply names.

My requirement: If name contains string "abc" then change the bar color to red.

Color highlight helps to change the color conditionally. But I am not able to check if String contains sub string with. i.e. "pqrabc hds" contains "abc".

As a solution I decided to use another field "color code" with original field "name". So that I can conditionally change the color using field "color code".

To have "color code" in value of section in color highlight, you need to use it as data input of chart. After doing that my bar chart displays 1 bar for name and 1 bar for color code.

Can I hide all bars related to "color code"? As I am using it just to conditionally change the color, I don't need them while displaying the chart. Neither I want blank spaces instead of bars.

Any other Ideas or suggestions to change the bar colors as per my requirements?

Thanks You.😊