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Jan 22, 2014 at 10:28 PM

How to run depreciation process only for one depreciaon area


Hello Experts:

My client needs reverse the current depreciation in one asset class and one depreciation area and after that run again the depreciation for prior periods but only affecting one depreciation area and assset class.

For the fist part of the issue, I am suggesting to change the depreciation key to 0000 in this particular asset class and run the depreciation a repeat mode. With this exercise we got to leave the deprecion area in cero.

But my problem now is how to run the depreciation just for one assey class and affecting only one depreciation key.

I try to do it using Manul depreciation or Unplanned depreciation but in both cases I did get to run only for one depreciaon key and apart of that when I run AFAB I can run the deprecaion in prior periods.

i really appreciate your ideas and advises

Thanks in advance

Briggithe Garcia Lopez