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Jan 22, 2014 at 05:51 PM

BADi/RunLogic_PH Results not appearing in model


We have a BPC NW v10 environment with a CONSOL (YTD) model and a PLANNING (Periodic) model. We have written script logic in the CONSOL model that will push actuals data (consols/elims/journals) for a specific time period (as selected by the user) to the PLANNING application. When we invoke the logic via a DM pkg in CONSOL, all works as expected, pushed data is present in the PLANNING model.

The requirement is to be able to PULL this data from PLANNING model so we setup the RUNLOGIC_PH custom function in SAP GUI; created a BADi that utilizes the RUNLOGIC_PH and will call the PushLogic we had successfully tested out in CONSOL; this pull functionality is initiated via a custom DM pkg we created in the PLANNING model (user selects a specific PLAN_TIME member in the DM pkg for the data to be pulled).

When we run the custom DM pkg in PLANNING that utilizes the BADi/RUNLOGIC_PH calling the Pushlogic in CONSOL model, the pkg run/completes successfully, correct records are generated & it states they were written successfully but we do not see the data that was to be pushed in the PLANNING model.

I went into SAP GUI using t-code UJFS and downloaded the log file from the pkg run in the CONSOL model; the log file shows the correct records generated (values, dimensionality, etc. all is correct) and it states it successfully wrote the records but they are no where to be found in the PLANNING model.

I'm attaching the logfile from the DM PKG run in the PLANNING model (i.e., calling the BADi/RUNLOGIC_PH), the pushlogic we use in the CONSOL model; and the BADi script we use in the PLANNING model for your referencing.

Any assistance on why we are not seeing the pushed data in the PLANNING model is much appreciated.