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Jan 22, 2014 at 05:15 PM

Dashboard doesnt filter out the values of Dimension(B.Ex Char) by changing Other Dimension(B.Ex Char) values



I am in SAP BI 4.0 Sp7 with patch 5. I have built a dashboard using Dashboard designer based on B.Ex query as a source. I have Characteristics "Sales Organisation" "Customer" (both are compounded) and few Key figures.

I have created query prompt selectors for the both chars in Dashboard. Intially the report displays for all the Sales organisations and the Customers but when I change to a particular sales org , then I want to filter the Customers but still I can see all Customers which I dont want. Below is an example

initial display:

Sales Org Customer A John A B John B C John C

After restrcting Sales Org A

Sales Org Customer A John A John B John C

I dont want John B and John C should be seen in the box for when the Sales Org is A as they dont belong to it. In the B.Ex query the display option (Extended) is selected with posted values with navigation but still doent work.

I appreciate for your help on this.