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Jan 22, 2014 at 02:54 PM

Access Control Organizational Management Request


Dear experts.

I have the following scenario.

I want to maintain the position, jobs and organizational units from and HR system and I want to assign roles to this OM objects from an ECC system. That is to say that I want to assign roles to this OM objects through the menu Organizational Assignment Request.

  1. Example:
    Job (stored in HR) --> Mapped --> with a role (stored in ECC) system. Is that possible?

Then I select the job ID 50000005 from the system HR.

Next step is to assign a role. After open the window I only can select roles from the same system HR where the job is stored. I can’t select a another system in order to take other role to assign. So how could I select more systems?

That forces me to:

  • Import to HR all the ECC roles. Is that correct?

Well, afterwards I could transport roles from ECC to HR. However if I go to the same window.

I can’t see the new roles transported because they are not uploaded to the BRM tool. So that forces me to:

  • Upload to BRM tool the ECC roles but related to the HR connector and have them duplicated.

Best regards.


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