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chemical kits: DGM data for one material number containing several items with different UN #s

Dear Forum,

I'd be very grateful to receive some advice on the following problem.

Within my company we have need to ship some products that comprise a collection of items, i.e. they are kits. The different chemical items are all compatible (i.e. no chemical reactions) and so can be shipped together within the same box. A kit can be controlled by one material number, with the BOM of that material detailing the component items in the Kit.

We use the standard EH&S and DGM system and data model, using the DG fill program to fill DG data from EH&S to DGM. We use LS_UN subs to fill DG data per UN# from our regulatory data provider; use DG_CL subs to connect UN# data per transport regulation and packaging group and reference on to REAL subs. This set up works perfectly in the case of standard chemical products, where one chemical (be it a substance or a mixture) is assigned to a single UN# per transport mode - data is fed onto both the SDS and also into the DGM for each material assigned to the REAL sub.

However, in the case of a chemical kit, a single material number can represent for example a box containing 10 individual items. If each of these items were sold individually, under their own material number, then they would be assigned to a REAL sub with the relevant DG_CL reference specification attached to drive the DG data. However, for a kit, it is not possible to assign several DG_CL subs to one REAL sub. Moreover, the DG fill program would not work and the DG text patterns would be unable to output the data.

So, how can we provide DG data for Kits?

Do we need to customise the standard SAP module?

Thank you very much in advance for any advice provided.


Dr. C Bland

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    Posted on Jan 22, 2014 at 08:37 PM


    this topic has been discussed long ago in this FORUM. May be check:

    I belive there should be a "forth" one; but I wa snot able to find that.

    To my knowledge: per company there exist one solution regarding this; and normally "outside!" of SAP Standard (but using EHS functionality).

    Hope this helps.


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    • Dear all

      we need really make sure if the talk the "same" language. The topic is not easy to understand (topic of the dfinition "what is a kit"?)

      Here a nexample of a kit is shown:

      302 Two-Component Acrylate Adhesive (5-Minute A+B Glue) - Free Shipping - DealExtreme

      Same here:

      (sory. this should not be an advertising for these producst shown !!)

      this might be a "good" definition (from SAP point of view) regarding a "kit": you handle one material which can contain two (or more !) materials which might be sold as well separate; but for some reasons the materials / chemistry is sold in "one" packaging (there are two types of kits on the market; but i will not dig deeper here because problem is the same in SAP)).

      In any case: according to my knowledge: you mast label both part of the chemistry according to the individual needs (e.g. using GHS lables) and both must be classified regarding DG. There exists a number of strategies to deal with this situation using SAP DG

      a.) regarding DG you try to use a "worst" case scenario. This is related to solution of Balajee. You use one UN number for the whole package and list the "individual" relevant components as Hazard inducers; a reasonable approach

      b.) you try to use "deep" SAP SD techniques together with a BOM etc. to drill down to individual material then reading DG master of both of them; execute DG checks and then print e.g. result on documents per line (so on document you have one material number but per "submaterial" you can print DG information

      May be read the very good document of Balajee: New changes for Dangerous Goods Management component in EHP6

      May be by using higher SAP version etc. you might find better solutions. I believe the new functionalities available in the EHPs will not help you.

      In any case: for e.g. Label Management you have the "same" problem (number of labels, to find the right labell etc.); to a certain extent the same is true regarding MSDS/SDS. What information must be printed in MSDS/SDS?


      PS: regarding your question:

      Since this question seems to be a familiar and re-occuring one on the SAP forum, is there any chance SAP may look to expand their EH&S / DGM set up to cover this type of situation in the future?

      Answer: I have no idea. This type of "problem" is quite old and since years the SAP EHS community ia waiting to get a Standard solution.

      This type of product is used in:

      a.) corp protection area

      b.) glue sector (2 component glues)

      c.) polymers

      d.) etc.